I'm not liturgically adept. I was a forgetful altar boy, constantly losing my place, getting the words wrong, and prone to daydreaming. Never fixed that failing, nor have I had any inclination or motivation to do so. I prefer the simplest of Masses, sans any pomp or garb. I'd probably be like St. Stephen, mouthing off at the wrong time and getting stoned to death.

I'm harmless out here in the netherlands, chasing my bride around, like a walking hermit with a license to wed. I show up to everything early, but my soldiering is of the tame sort.

I'm finally too old to be conscripted into anything. Love doing Nutshell News every morning, writing 2-page, kinda long but pithy pieces, and working on the next book. I am an unreliable as a leader, apologetic way late, but a spiritually loyal friend.

I have three deacon friends, and two dropouts, who are marvelous creatures for the task. They find me interesting but would be horrified to hear I'd ever be in their ranks.

Thanks for the kind hope. Three bishops had the opportunity to draft me, but wisdom and the Holy Spirit has confined me to the lovely laity.

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Excellent John. I wish you were a Deacon to deliver these wonderful thoughts.

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