Sitemap - 2023 - Homeless Catholic Community

Ralph & Frank, Chapter 2: Standing There

What form did Jesus' resistance take against the forces of evil?

Chapter 1: Frank and Ralph

We exhaust ourselves with escape mechanisms

Are you misled about God & his scriptures?

Money just buys stuff, so what's the problem?

Dropsy victim paraded to confront Jesus

Is that the Holy Spirit whispering to us?

Why is Christianity so great?

Heaven's Jerusalem will be unwalled

Wait for the Kingdom with the Holy Spirit's help

I saw my mom in heaven

A holy process demands continuous follow-up

If they knew God, they’d be over the moon. Wouldn’t they?

We hesitate before giving all to God

We are saints being formed by God

Death by Cross

Follow Jesus, or else

Fasting, a spiritual weapon, fosters holiness

Fasting, a spiritual weapon, fosters holiness

Something doesn’t make sense about God's power

The setting aside of our will for the Father

The widow's heart portends where the new temple will be

Jesus flexes his Messianic muscles: Do we cower or obey?

Mining the depth of our Father's love

When young and old share faith

Why isn't life easier for Christians?

Jesus poked the bear of future science

Jesus kept appearing, over and over

Jesus' three days redeeming the holy of old

Get ready for God’s idea of being shepherd

How to accept God’s corrections and disciplines

The Father delights in us

I will make you ride on the heights of the earth

Oh no, talking about one verse!

Making sense of the 'Fruit of our lips"

We yearn for God, one more promise to come

Wipf & Stock publishes A Snarl Theology!

Is God really present in us?

Uh, oh: God scans our intentions

Parental love forms confidence in God

We have an incomprehensible God