Sitemap - 2022 - Homeless Catholic Community

Worried that God will not answer our cry for help

Witnesses to the world

Jesus liked recruiting siblings

Show me your will, God, and the angels too!

See, taste, and feel with the angels and saints

Are we from God or from evil intent?

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Once upon a time . . .

God measures stuff

St. Paul pens in compact verse our celestial future

Jesus — rude or right on?

God keeps secrets, for some to hear

A Snarl Theology — mind-blowing expansion of God's love

We have only the imagery of words

Sensible people tune into God

When slandered, respond gently — sheesh

Boast only in Christ Jesus

Our exhausting men's retreat

God, and we, have no pleasure in death

Prophets' visions become the apostles' reality

Would anyone listen to us?

God desires our company

Life's a car wreck waiting to happen

Peace, and the time Jesus Visits us

Snarl novel now available!

Plowing will be different in Heaven

A nation under God should beware its fate

The passing of Andy McKee

John certifies his testimony, over and over

The crowd loved him

God helps us write our history

God is not who we imagine

Snarl, the Novel, is in production

Jesus' rebuke of the Apostles had a purpose

Meat our makers, of meat

Heaven's particulars are here

Will we see our enemies squirm?

Look at me, I've got it all together

My grandparents were remarkable

Our attention is focused elsewhere

Who needs rescuing? Is it us?

Can't be about the laundry

Why repeat events in scripture?

Not just in words, but in what he did

Jesus was God, or a fool

More to the story on donkeys

Is God kind or judgmental?

Jesus is dangerous

Santa sat down for a chat