The apostles were a man down. Their process sets the stage for our decision-making.
We get a God who joins us in creation, not a god of money, power, fame, and revenge.
A "companion" or study guide called A Snarl Theology for book clubs will be finished soon.
Be different thinkers, Jesus says
Can Jews and Muslims now can eat manufactured pork? What does this mean?
The shift is already and always taking place
Weirdly, we may be meant to see that. But they will also see us.
Temptations are powerful elixirs, slow-cooked awfulness that tastes delicious, ruining us with incessant regularity.
Raw roped-together insistence is most admirable
All things come from God, even the things that steal our focus from God
Everything we do affects other Christians in their faith life, and witnesses either good or bad to non-Christians.
Jesus is transfigured and Mark reports that the dry cleaners would be very impressed with the whiteness of Jesus' gowns.